How do I upload my content to my webspace (iWeb)?

Publishing to iWeb on a Mac:

Publish to iWeb Using Fetch on a Mac
Fetch is a file transfer program that is used on the Mac. It can be used to copy files from your computer to another location. In this case, files will be transferred from your Mac to your iWeb account.

Publish to iWeb Using Dreamweaver on a Mac
Dreamweaver is a web development tool that is used on the Mac.

Publishing to iWeb on a Windows PC:

Publish to iWeb Using FTP on a Windows Machine
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) can be used to publish web content to your iWeb account. This TechClip shows how to do this with IE on a Windows computer.

Log on to iWeb Using FrontPage 2003
Learn how to publish a web site to your iWeb account using FrontPage 2003.

Publish to iWeb Using Netscape Composer
Web pages can be published to iWeb using Netscape Composer 7.2.

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