Can I use my gaming console on the wireless network?

Wired connections will provide the optimal gaming experience while on campus. Due to unavoidable jitter and packet loss on the wireless network, please game on a wired connection if possible. All rooms are equipped with at least one Ethernet jack that can be used for wired connectivity to the network. If more than one port is needed, purchase an inexpensive switch to connect two or more devices to the Ethernet jack. 

To have a device connected to bsu3, our Unified Communications department requires set up to be done by appointment (this will require a private network password). Please either submit a ticket at or call the Technology HelpDesk at 765-285-1517 to schedule an appointment with Housing to get your device connected. 


Here is the list of commonly used devices and what is known about them:

·         Nintendo DS & 3DS – cannot connect at all

·         PSP – only can connect using bsuguest

·         PSP Vita/Go – only can connect using bsuguest

·         Apple TV – bsu3 (by appointment) – though unable to use Apple Play

·         Chromecast – cannot connect at all

·         SMART TVs – wired capabilities only

·         PS4/PS3 – wired capabilities only

·         Xbox 360/One – wired capabilities only

·         Nintendo Wii – wired capabilities only (requires additional purchase of USB Ethernet adapter)

·         Nintendo WiiU – bsu3 (by appointment)

·         Amazon / Kindle Fire TV Stick – bsu3 (by appointment)

·         Roku – bsu3 (by appointment)

·         All modern tablets, laptops, desktops, and cellular devices can connect to wireless.



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