Why are my courses not showing up in Blackboard even although I’m registered for the classes?

If the semester has already began and you have just registered for the course(s), your course(s) will not appear in Blackboard until the start of the course.  Additionally, instructors can control the availability in the course options.  This is often done while instructors are preparing and updating course materials. 

Additionally, you must be enrolled in at least 1 course (and the course must have started) before you can log into Blackboard. When logging into blackboard (blackboard.bsu.edu) you may notice that one of your courses is not available. After logging in you should see your course(s) listed in the following area:

If you notice that one of your courses is not listed in the “My Courses” area it may be hidden from view.

To check for hidden classes:

1. Move your mouse cursor over the right edge of the “My Courses” box. When hovering over this area you will notice a gear icon (shown below):

2. Click on the gear icon.

3. On the following page check to see if your course is listed under the section “Courses in which you are enrolled”. If it is, make sure that the “course name” checkbox is checked. If it is not, check it as follows:

4. After checking the check-box scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the teal-colored “Submit” button.

Note: if your course does not show up underneath “Courses in which you are enrolled” then continue reading for alternative solutions.

If you still do not see your course it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Your course has not started yet, or your instructor has manually changed the course availability in the Blackboard options. 

To check to see when the start date for a course is follow the following procedure:

1. Open up a web-browser and visit http://my.bsu.edu.

2. Log in using your Ball State Credentials (username and password).

3. Click on the link for Self Service Banner (shown below):

4. Click on the “Student” tab, followed by the “Registration” tab (shown below):

5. Click on the “Schedule” tab (should appear after clicking the registration button)

6. On the following page you should see your schedule for the current semester. Notice the “Start Date” column adjacent to each of the listed courses. This start date indicates when your course will begin, also indicating when the course will become available on Blackboard.

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