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How do I create an anchor or jump link within a CommonSpot web page?

Anchors allow users to jump to a specified section within your web page. Here's how to create one in CommonSpot, the university's web content management system.

1. In the formatted text block, place your cursor where you want the link to jump to.
2. Click the anchor icon in the top toolbar and give the location a name as prompted.
3. Copy the name (to paste later).
4. Highlight the text you want to be linkable.
5. Click the “link” icon.
6. Select “Link to Existing Page, Uploaded Document or URL” and click “Next
7. Ignore the “Jump” button and click the “External URL or Relative Internal URL” option.
8. In the entry field replace http:// with the pound sign “#” and paste the jump name after it (no spaces). For example, if you called your anchor "section1" you would type "#section1" (with no quotation marks).
9. Click Finish. You've now created your jump link.

You can also create jump links from Quick Links or by Registering an External Page under the Properties & Actions menu and then adding it to your navigation.

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