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Accessing Panopto Videos Via a Blackboard Learn Course

Your instructor will provide links in your Blackboard Learn course for viewing Panopto videos. There are two ways instructors can provide Panopto links:

  • They can link to each individual Panopto video. These links can be placed in any content area/folder in Learn.
  • They can provide a link to the course’s entire Panopto video library, which can be accessed through a shortcut provided by the instructor or through the Tools page in your course menu.

Note: It is up to the instructor how they want to provide these video links. If you do not know where to find links to Panopto videos, ask your instructor.

  1. In your Blackboard course, click on the link for the Panopto video you want to view.
  2. If you are taken to the Panopto Login page, in the Sign in Using drop-down menu, select Blackboard, then click the Sign In button.

  3. The video will open and play in the Panopto Viewer window.
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