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Panopto Viewing Requirements

Viewing Requirements

Panopto requires industry-standard PC hardware components. Please treat the following configurations as the recommended baseline system configurations.

Operating Systems


Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8


Mac OS 10.4.8+ (Intel-based) (PPC-based NOT supported)

iOS 6+

Processor 1.8 GHz or higher
Memory 512MB
Network Bandwidth 50 Kbps for audio-only presentations. 300 Kbps for presentations with one video stream, audio, PowerPoint and screen capture. 500 Kbps for presentations with multiple video streams.
Applications Microsoft Silverlight 2.0+.  Go to to download the latest version.
Supported Browsers Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

*Flash is required to view embedded videos on a PC or Mac.
**Flash is required to view and produce statistical and analytic graphs.

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