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How do I access my courses in Blackboard Mobile Learn on my smartphone or tablet?

Blackboard Mobile Learn makes much of the content posted to your Blackboard Learn courses automatically available from your mobile device.  However, mobile access is not yet fully supported by Learn.  Follow these instructions to setup your courses in Blackboard Mobile at no charge.

1.  Ensure you have at least one course available in Blackboard Learn ( 

2.  Visit your device’s app store or marketplace to search for “Blackboard Mobile Learn”.

3.  Install the app.

4.  Search for “Kent State” and select the result titled “Kent State University”.

5.  Login to Mobile Learn with your FlashLine user name (not including and password.

Once you’ve logged in, core content from your Blackboard Learn courses will be accessible through the Courses panel.

NOTE:  If you are unable to open Blackboard on your iPad because it requires Flashplayer, a free download is available at  You should then be able to view videos and all course material in Blackboard.

View Blackboard Mobile Learn FAQs

Faculty, learn best practices for creating mobile-friendly courses.

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