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Instructions for installing the KSU Cisco VPN on Windows

Please Note: If you have not changed from your default FlashLine password, you must do so before you are able to download the KSU Cisco VPN, click here for details.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP3 or greater
  • 100 MB disk space

1.    Download the KSU Cisco VPN.  You will be prompted for your FlashLine user name and password.  Once downloaded, locate and double-click KSU_Cisco_VPN.exe.

2.    Click Yes if prompted to allow the program to run.

3.    Click Next > on the Welcome screen

4.    Read the License Agreement, check the checkbox if you agree, and click "Next."

5.    Note: If you do not see this screen, continue to Step 6.
Previous to the KSU Cisco VPN, the University offered a proxy to access secure resources. If you currently have a proxy set in Internet Explorer or Firefox, you will need to disable it before attempting to access resources using the KSU Cisco VPN. Choose "Yes" and then click "Next."


6.    The following screen is simply to inform you of third-party applications that can cause connectivity issues when using the KSU Cisco VPN. Click the link on this screen if you would like to get more information about programs that interfere with the KSU Cisco VPN, or just click "Install" to continue.

7.    The Cisco VPN software will install.
WARNING: This installation will temporarily disconnect your network connection (5-10 seconds)!

8.    Once the installation is complete, click Finish. It is recommended that you reboot your computer.

9.    You should now have a Cisco AnyConnect VPN shortcut on your start menu and desktop.

10.    You are now ready to connect to Kent State’s network using the KSU Cisco VPN for Windows.

For troubleshooting tips, click here.

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