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Instructions for installing the KSU Cisco VPN for Mac OS X

Note: If you have not changed from your default FlashLine password, you must do so before you will be able to download the KSU Cisco VPN, click here for details.

System Requirements

1.    Download the KSU Cisco VPN.  You will be prompted for your FlashLine user name and password.  Once downloaded, OS X should automatically unzip a file called "KSU_Cisco_VPN.pkg."  Double-click this file to start the installation.

2.    Click Continue on the Welcome screen

3.    Read the License Agreement, click Continue, then Agree if you agree to the terms

4.    Click Install to continue.

5.    When prompted for a username and password, enter your computer username and password (not your FlashLine username and password)

6.    The Cisco VPN software will install.

7.  Once the installation is complete, click Close.

8. The Cisco AnyConnect VPN app should now exist under the Applications > Cisco folder.

9.    You are now ready to connect to Kent State’s network using the KSU Cisco VPN for OS X.

For troubleshooting tips, click here 


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