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What can I access in the Faculty & Advisor Tools & Courses tab in FlashLine?

The Faculty & Advisor Tools & Courses tab content is based on your role.  Advisors without the faculty role will only see Advisor tools and faculty without the Advisor Role will only see Faculty tools.

Faculty and Advisors

A FERPA notification will appear once per semester.  Faculty and Advisors can view the University FERPA policy information and can access related policies.

Under Graduation Planning System (GPS), faculty and advisors can assist students with exploring majors in the GPS and KAPS systems and access manuals, forms, tutorials, and FAQ’s.

Also located on this tab is the Professional Development, Help & Training channel.

Under the Quick Links & Resources, faculty and advisors can view commonly used Kent State resources, catalogs, calendars and university policies.


Under Faculty Toolbox, a faculty member can access FlashFAST, check class rosters, view/submit grades for students, and access grading resources.

Under My Courses, a faculty member can view which classes they are scheduled to teach, access a class roster, email students in the class, and consolidate courses.

Under Faculty Grade Assignment, a faculty member can view upcoming grading deadlines for classes.


Under the Advisor Toolbox, Advisors can access FlashFAST, advising forms, announcements, forms, calendars and transfer information.

Click here to see a composite view of the Faculty and Advisor Tools & Courses tab.


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