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Where can Faculty find information about clickers?

How can I request a receiver and/or clicker for the course that I am teaching?

Faculty members who would like to use the system in their classrooms, research or professional organizations should contact Ron Dear at or Joshua Bird at

How do I obtain an Instructor Kit through TurningTechnologies?

Faculty members can obtain an Instructor Kit from TurningTechnologies that includes a ResponseCard NXT, a new receiver, and a user guide. To do so, please go to, complete and submit the form, and the Kent State University TurningTechnologies Representative will be in contact with you.

What software is required to use 'clickers' in the classroom?

You can download TurningPoint 5 to your personal and office computers for free. You will also want the software on your personal and/or office computer to create the interactive 'clicker' slides.

Classrooms that are equipped with instructor stations have TurningPoint 5 installed, however please confirm this before you teach. TurningPoint 5 is fully functional and integrates with Blackboard Learn.

What hardware is required to use 'clickers' in the classroom?

In order to use 'clickers' in the classroom, you will need a receiver, and students will have to register and bring their 'clickers' to class.  A receiver is a USB key that plugs into any computer.  It is a necessary component when using 'clickers' because it receives the data from the 'clickers' and sends the data to the software to be displayed, saved, and exported.

To obtain a receiver, all faculty participate in a group or individual consultation with Joshua Bird to orient system integration, best practices, and additional resources. Please contact Joshua Bird at to set up a consultation.

How can I add the TurningTechnologies Registration Tool to a Blackboard Learn course?

Click here to access a pdf that contains instructions.

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