Can I sync my Novell log-in with my PC log-in? Why doesn't my computer log directly into Novell? My G drive is missing after I've logged in. Having trouble logging into my computer


Syncing Novell and PC Log-in

Windows 7 Computer Log-in

This picture box shows the Rider 1865 Logo. Notice beneath the photo shows "Log on to this computer Only."  When you log-in at this screen, you will not have Novell (G, H, etc) drives available. See (Example A). You will be logging into your local computer only. You can toggle

to the Novell log-in screen by clicking 'Novell Logon' (see Example A reference A).

                                                                                                                           (Example A)

Windows 7 Novell Log-in

This picture box shows the Novell Networks Logo. When you log-in at this screen, you will have Novell (G, H, etc) drives available. See (Example B). You can toggle to the computer log-in screen by clicking 'Computer Only Logon' (see Example B reference A).

                                                                                                                            (Example B)

Windows 7 PC Locked Screen

This picture box shows the Rider 1865 Logo. Beneath the photo the user ID of the person logged in is listed. This means you locked the computer on purpose, or automatic screen saver settings locked the computer after the computer was idle for a period of time. You are still logged in, but you connection to Novell has been severed. See (Example C).

                                                                                                                         (Example C)

You will need enter your password to log on to the computer and then log into Novell through the system

tray Novell connection (see Example D.)

                                                                                                                       (Example D)

For detailed Novell setting for Lawrenceville Campus click this link.

For detailed Novell setting for Princeton Campus click this link.


Can Not Sync Logon

You can not sync Novell logon, because the passwords are not the same. Click this link for password

syncing instructions. Most likely you recently changed your Novell password, and the computer password is still

set to your old Novell password.

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