I keep getting a gray screen when I log into Banner using Firefox web browser.

** OIT recommends using Internet Explorer on Windows computers, and Safari on Apple computers when accessing Banner. **

If you prefer to still access Banner in Firefox, and you are tired of clicking the play button on the gray screen to get Banner's Java console to load these are the steps to eliminate the gray screen. These instructions only work if you have correct version of Java installed. If you problem is related to a Java issue, and or these instructions do not work for you proceed to this link for instructions on how to resolve the Java issue.



1. The gray screen is shown below.

2. The first step to permanently bypassing the screen is to locate the little red Lego icon in the address bar shown below by the


 3. Left click on the red icon and an option box will open like the one below.

4. Next to the tab that says Activate All Plugins click the down arrow, which will show three more options. Click Always activate

    plugins for this site. From this point on the gray warning screen will no longer appear for Banner.




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