Can not access Banner in Windows. Java error will not allow you to access Banner in Windows.

** OIT recommends using Internet Explorer on Windows computers when accessing Banner. **

Banner only supports Java Versions 6 Update 31 up to Version 6 Update 41 in Windows. Two causes can be preventing you from accessing Banner. Either you version is too new, or too old and you will need to remove the newer/older version and install Java Version 6 Update 41. The second cause could be the Java cache file, which needs to be cleared.

Verifying Java Version

1. Click this link

2. The java website will open, click the verify version button. It will prompt you to run version checker click Run.

3. If you version of Java is above Version 6 Update 41 you will need to uninstall the newer version of Java in Control Panel. Do

    not  update Java on the Java  website.

    Control Panel:

    Windows XP - Add Remove Programs (Find the version of java highlight the object and click remove.)

    Windows 7 - Programs and Features (Find the version of java highlight the object and click uninstall up top.)

4. After removing the newer version of Java if needed, verify you have additional versions installed in the above list in Control

    Panel. If the remaining versions are older than Java 6 update 31, follow the same instructions above to uninstall those

    versions. Do not uninstall JavaFX 2.1.1 as this is a different piece of software not pertaining to Banner. If no other

    versions exist you will have to install Version 6 Update 41.

5. Java Version 6 Update 41 is not available through the Java website. Click this link to download Version 6 Update 41. A box will pop up

    click the Run button and the Java installer will run. 

6. If you are using Windows 7 and see a yellow box pop up labeled User Account Control go ahead and click Yes to proceed

    with the install.

6. Click this link to get further Java installation instructions.


How To Clear the Java cache

1. To clear the Java cache click this link and follow the instructions on Java's website.

NOTE: If the issue remains unresolved, we will need to escalate.

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