How do I give someone access to my Oracle Calendar?

It is possible to give someone else access to your calendar. There are two versions of Oracle Calendar; the installed

version, and the web version. You can find the instructions for both versions here.

PC installed version of Oracle Calendar

1. Log into Oracle Calendar.

2. Click on Tools and select Access Rights... from the drop down list.


3. The Access Rights box will open. From here you can configure the different levels of access such as; create appointments,

    modify appointments, view schedule, etc.

    A. Search for the user by entering their name in the search box marked here in red and click the green check button to

        activate that user for editing. If you do not know the users first or last name you can click the magnifying glass button

        to open a search box for searching the user by either their; first name, last name, or user ID.


    B. This box shows the access given by selecting the (Full designate rights) check box. In this example Jane Doe can

        now do everything the owner of this calendar can do.


    C. This box shows the access given by selecting (No designate rights) check box. In this example Jane Doe is now

         blocked completely from modifying anything in this user's calendar.


    D. This box shows the access given by not selecting either the Full Designate or No Designate rights.  All the individual

        check boxes for the different options are thus enabled. In this example Jane Doe was given the ability to; create/edit

        Normal Entries,  view Confidential Entries, view Personal Entries,  create/edit Public Entries, and create/edit Normal




Web Versio of Oracle Calendar

1. Log into Oracle Calendar (link.)

2. Open the Access Rights tab showed here circled in red.

4. Type the user's name in the User Information box and click Find. In this example we searched Jane Doe.

5. Once the user has been found clcik on the users name, and click the Edit Access Rights tab.

6. The Access Right screen will open. In this example these are the default rights available to Jane Doe.

7. The default rights can be changed by click one of the customize buttons. After clicking the customize button

    all the individual check boxes are enable for editing.




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