How do I connect my iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to Nowires? Apple mobile device wireless access.

                  Connecting you Apple Mobile Device to Nowires

These instructions are for Apple mobile devices only. OIT only supports Apple mobile device platforms, as this is 

the mobile device platform of choice that OIT provides to Faculty, and Staff. These instructions represent the

newest Apple mobile device operating system iOS 8. 

Note: Device registration can take up to 15-30 minutes to register to the network - after allowing this time, if restarting the device does not work, immediately escalate.

How to connect to Nowires

1. Open the Settings app on you mobile device. Click the arrow > next to Wi-fi, next if your Wi-fi screen looks

   like the one below this means your Wi-fi is off. Slide the switch next to Wi-fi to the right to turn Wi-fi on.


2. Select nowires in the 'Choose a Network' list. Your Wi-fi setting should resemble the second image below.

   As long as you are registered in the Nowires system your mobile device Wi-fi is set to on the device will

   automatically connect to Nwires when in range.


Registering with Nowires

1. Almost immediately after selecting Nowires in your Wi-fi settings a Safari web app window will open to the

   Nowires registration site, see below. 

 2. Type in your Easypass username and password into the boxes provided, and then click Log in!

3. If your Easypass credentials are correct you will see the confirmation page showing you the expiration date of

    your device registration on the Nowires network.

4. Next the device registration window will open. Complete all the fields. Devices that do not have a cellular

   connection need not provide a mobile carrier. Then click Register.

5. Your device registration is complete. You will need to re-register the device after your device registration has





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