How do I submit a helpdesk ticket? I can't submit a ticket.

A recent upgrade has changed how OIT support tickets are submitted. In particular the

submit button does not appear to be there. These steps will walk you throught new

steps to submit a ticket.

1. Go to

2. Click the Submit a Ticket link.

3. Fill in your Easypass user name, and password.

4. Fill in the required fields pictured below, and press enter.

5. A list of suggested sollution will appear, but the Submit button seems to be missing on the bottom.

   If the sollution you need list not listed in the list click the My Answer is not here button.

6. Now the options section is active. Here you can add an attachment, or submit the ticket. Clicking

    the Finish button will submit the ticket.

 Ticket Submittion is now complete.

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