How can I get the latest version of SPSS installed on my computer?

All Rider University computers for faculty/staff have SPSS Statistics Version 24 already installed. If a faculty member needs to have the software installed on a personal computer, he or she will need to stop by the Help Desk walk-in windows in the Moore Library and the General Services Building.

** The SPSS v25 release date has been delayed by IBM until late August 2017. Due to this they have extended the license expiration date until that that time, but this will not show in your software. You will continue to get expiration warning until the newest version is installed. **

The faculty member will receive the installation CD with instructions, followed by an email from the Help Desk with the installation Key for the software.

If you have any questions regarding SPSS Statistics please contact the Rider University OIT Help Desk at (609) 219-3000.

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