What should I do if I am not able to connect to wireless?

Note: Device registration can take up to 15-30 minutes to register to the network - after allowing this time, if restarting the device does not work, immediately escalate.
Wireless on Rider University is accessed through 'nowires'. Wireless adapter should connect to 'nowires' and is Easypass authenticated. If it fails, follow the steps

  • Repair the connection in Windows XP.

    1. Click on START, then SETTINGS
    2. Double Click on Control Panel
    3. Select and double click on Network Connections to open
    4. Right click on “Wireless Network Connection” and left click “Repair"
  • Another way:
    1. Go to START, then 'Run'
    2. Type CMD in the Run box and click OK
    3. A black Command prompt window will open. Type "ipconfig"
    4. The information should be in the Wireless Connection and will look like This is the IP address
    5. Type 'ipconfig/release' and will give an IP address of
    6. Typle 'ipconfig/renew' and will refresh and issue an IP address
    7. Open a browser and try visiting a website


Windows 7 connection

1.     Open Set Up a Wireless Router or Access Point by clicking the Start button.

2.     Click Control Panel, click Network and Internet, and under Network and Sharing Center click Connect to a network.

3.     It will open the wireless access points available for the location you are in. Select the desired wireless network and connect.

  •  Disable the wireless adapter and re-enable it.

  If you still face problem with wireless, contact the HelpDesk at 609 219-3000

Issue Type: No Wires (Wireless)

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