How do I set up Zimbra email account in Blackberry?

Steps to configure Zimbra Mobile for Smart Phones vary depending on the type of device you are configuring. Regardless of which device you are configuring, you should have the following information available:

  • Zimbra Username. The Zimbra username of the account you are accessing. Sometimes requested in the form of
  • Zimbra Password. The password of the account you are accessing.
  • Domain. The domain of the account you are accessing.
  • SSL. Whether you are using an SSL certificate or not.
  • Which types of data to sync. Data types include Mail, Contacts, Calendar. ZCS 6.0 deployments can also sync Tasks.

*Zimbra username and password is same as Rider email username and password


  • Students:
  • Faculty & Staff:
  • Outgoing mail server: Faculty/Staff: ; Students:



Please visit Blackberry email set up for detailed instructions on how to set up email.For more information also visit "Associate email address with your Blackberry"



Note: OIT does not support any smart phones.


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