How do I add text (header) to the beginning of every email that goes out to my list?

   1. Log into using the email address with which you are listed as the owner of your list and your LISTSERV password.
   2. From the options bar at the top of the page, choose List Management, scroll down to Customization and choose Mail Templates.
   3. If you are owner of more than one list, choose the list you wish to edit the welcome message for from the drop down menu.
   4. In the Edit Mail Templates window, choose Top and Bottom Banners from the Template Category menu.
   5. In the Select Template pull down menu, choose Top banner for plain text postings or Top banner for HTML posting, and then click Edit Template.
   6. In the Subject box, enter "Bottom Banner"
   7. In the large text box, type your Bottom banner message. Click the Update button.


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