How do I obtain and install the MozyPro Backup software for Windows?

MozyPro Windows Installer Instructions for Faculty & Staff

1. Click here to download the mozy-install-2_18_4.exe file.

2. Double click on the mozy-install-2_18_4.exe file to begin the installation process.

3. After the software has auto-installed, a browser window will appear. Enter your Ball State username and password to authenticate and begin using the software. Congratulations! Your files are now being backed up by MozyPro.

The MozyPro backup software is only for Ball State faculty and staff.  Students are not licensed to use the software and will not be able to authenticate during the software setup.

Note: You must be connected to the Ball State network (using either BSUsecure, the Wired Network, or VPN) in order to set-up Mozypro. Following a successful setup you may use MozyPro off campus.


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