How do I use iLocker on my Windows computer?

iLocker - Windows

Creating an iLocker Account 

     Create Your iLocker Account
iLocker is the perfect place to store and share files. Learn how to create your iLocker storage space. 

Accessing Your iLocker Account 

     Use FTP with Internet Explorer 
Use FTP to copy files to your iLocker account.  This example uses Internet Explorer 7, but the same steps will work with Internet Explorer 8.
Use FTP Through the My Computer Icon 
Use FTP to access your iLocker account by going through your My Computer icon. This method of access requires you to log in only once. 
Making a Network Place to Access Your iLocker Account 
After you have created an iLocker account, you can create a network place that points to it. You can then save documents to the iLocker via the network place from within applications. Please note that this TechClip does not have audio. Instructions are printed to the screen rather than spoken. 
Map a Drive to Access Your iLocker Account 
Map a network drive on a Windows XP machine to access your iLocker account. 

iLocker BSU_SHARED Folder 

     BSU_SHARED Folder Access 
Access files that someone has placed in the BSU_SHARED folder of their iLocker. 

iLocker WORLD_SHARED Folder 

     WORLD_SHARED Folder Access 
Access and download a file that someone has placed in the WORLD_SHARED folder of their iLocker. Anyone, even those without a BSU username, can access files in the WORLD_SHARED folder. 

Managing Your iLocker Space 

     Checking Your iLocker Quota Usage 
By default, each iLocker account is allocated 2 GB of space. Learn how to check your current usage. 

Copy Files from Your Computer to iLocker 

     Copy Files from Your "My Documents" Folder to Your iLocker - Windows 7
Learn how to copy files from your computer to the root directory of your iLocker account.  This is a great way to back up your important files.  This TechClip shows how to copy files to the root directory of iLocker, which means you will be the only one that can access or see the files.
Copy Files from Your Windows XP Computer to Your iLocker Account 
If your computer is running Windows XP, learn how to access your iLocker account using FTP and then copy files from your local machine to your iLocker account. This is a great way to back up important files. Remember if you are using the wireless network, you much launch VPN before accessing your iLocker. 
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