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How do I disable automatic updates on Firefox 3.6 for use with CommonSpot?

It’s a good idea to disable updating in Firefox 3.6 for use with CommonSpot to ensure your browser does not automatically update to a newer, incompatible version.

1.  Open Firefox 3.6

2.  Windows:  Select the Tools menu and then Options
     OS X:  In the top menu bar, select Firefox and then select Preferences

3.  Click Advanced and then choose the Update tab.

4.  Uncheck the 3 options under “Automatically check for updates to”

5.  Close your preferences/options window. You’ve now disabled automatic updates on Firefox 3.6.

Remember, you should use Firefox 3.6 for editing websites in the CommonSpot web content management system only.  For daily browsing, use the most up-to-date version of Firefox.  Learn how to install both versions of Firefox on your computer.

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