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How do I request wired (Ethernet) access for a non-wireless device in my residence hall room?

FlashZone-WPA wireless access is available for all computers and mobile devices in all residence hall rooms (not including Allerton).  Please follow the PC and Mac Wireless instructions for your computer, the mobile device instructions or game console/entertainment device instructions to connect.

If you are living in Allerton Apartments, you are provided two wired connections in your residence hall room.  Please use these instructions for more information about connecting in Allerton Apartments.

Non-Wireless Devices

If your game console, VOIP phone or other device does not have the ability to connect to the wireless network, you may submit a request for wired access.  Wired access is limited and will not be granted for the following devices:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Game Consoles with wireless capability excluding Nintendo Wii
  • Entertainment Devices with wireless capability

To submit a wired port request for a residence hall room, please visit, click Submit a Ticket and use Request Type: Network/Wireless Access and Detail: In Room Wired Port Request.  Please include the following:

     1.  The MAC address of the devices you wish to connect.
     2.  The reason you are requesting the wired port.

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